Monday, February 7, 2011

16. Devilworlds

Devilworlds is a set of two comics that reprint various issues of Star Wars that were published by Marvel in the UK but never published in the US. I found these stories to be very interesting, even if they did vary from the normal Star Wars style. Several of these stories were written by Alan Moore, and his stories were the most unique. Some of the stories were just too strange though. Regardless, it's an interesting collection of short stories, although they're generally too odd to be considered as part of the standard Star Wars story.

In Moore's "Dark Lord's Conscience", Darth Vader is challenged by a mutant that can bring people to suicidal despair by forcing them to dwell on their darkest memories. Vader appears to be immune to the mutant's powers, which could be due to the force or could be due to his ability to justify his actions.

Moore also wrote "Tilotny Throws a Shape", which was the strangest Star Wars story I've read to date. It involves a few beings who think they are gods creating the universe, and are confused by the appearance of Leia and some stormtroopers who are chasing her. These supernatural beings inadvertently kill all of them, which makes Leia and the stormtroopers much less interesting. One of the beings, Splendid Ap, is left behind to clean up the mess, but his lack of knowledge regarding time means that while Leia is revived in the same time and place where she died, the stormtroopers are revived several thousand years in the past.

Another interesting story is "The Flight of the Falcon", which describes how Han Solo originally acquired the Millenium Falcon. This story doesn't match up with the story that appears in the Han Solo novels, but it's an interesting story none the less.

"Dark Knight's Devilry" was also entertaining, as it featured a group of people aligned with neither the Empire or the Rebellion. Luke and Leia have gone in search of a device called "The Eternity Crystal", which allegedly has the power to turn back time. The are captured by the Empire, then rescued and held hostage by some local militants, before leaving for Adony Station where the crystal is supposedly kept. But it seems this was simply another elaborate ruse on the part of Darth Vader to kill Luke and Leia.

Next up, I will continue with the Marvel reprints in Fool's Bounty.

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