Friday, April 15, 2011

Marvel Star Wars, in summary

Instead of posting a detailed summary of the remaining editions of the Marvel collections, I'm going to summarize my thoughts on the last three editions together. In general, I think these Marvel comics enjoyed some great writing, especially the last few years, but suffered from poor artwork and inconsistency with the staff. Not all of the artwork was bad, but there were definitely some horrible issues.

But really I read comics for the story first, and for the artwork second. So I still enjoyed reading the comics, especially those by Jo Duffy. When I started a new issue, I first looked to see who was writing and if it was her, I knew I would enjoy the story. I think it also helped that she had a larger story that she was telling in small pieces, instead of making each comic a standalone story. These story arcs allowed you to find out more about the characters and their conflicts.

I enjoyed the new races introduced, like the Tofs and Nagai and even the Hoojibs. Glancing through wookiepedia I see that these races come up in later stories, but I didn't want to look for too long and ruin stories I haven't read yet. I'm glad to see that these interesting story lines aren't completely abandoned.

While some may dislike the Marvel comics because they don't feel like other Star Wars stories, I really enjoyed them for the most part. They are a bit different, some are silly and some are just plain weird, but overall there are some great stories there.

Next I will start into the next era of the Expanded Universe, which begins with Dark Horse's "Dark Empire" and Timothy Zahn's "Heir to the Empire". I've heard both are excellent and can't wait to get started.